Just got back from this year’s show at the NEC. Now I had my doubts – I go to many shows and, to be frank, they are much of a muchness – but this show really delivered. Not only were there many suppliers showcasing their wares, there were numerous seminar theatres and advice centres available to anyone needing input with their renovation or redesign project.
A couple of offerings attracted my attention and will be part of my kitbag for the foreseeable future. The first was Thistle Magnetic Plaster from British Gypsum. This is a plaster which can be applied to new or existing walls, and once dry is magnetic so the walls become an interactive gallery or notice board. The magnetic attraction is determined by the thickness of the plaster applied – it needs to be at least 3mm thick – and the strength of the magnets used.

What a fantastic solution for a child’s bedroom, a family noticeboard or a busy home office! And it’s readily available at Wickes.

The next item that caught interest was from NMC Copley, who manufacture coving, cornices, architrave etc in North Yorkshire. Now I’m partial to a ceiling rose, but old fashioned, flower-swagged plasterwork isn’t my thing. So when I saw their really modern options I had to find out more. These images will give you a taste of what a modern ceiling rose can do for your room.

Going along to a show like this is great to get the creative juices flowing and to see what is available on the market. However, for creative design that is personalised to your renovation or redesign project an interior designer is the ideal solution. To find out more have a look at my website, then get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!